Civil Rights

We Don’t Talk To Police – Its Our Right

Never talk to any police officer under any circumstance. A former criminal defense attorney explains why you should always remain silent when being questioned by the government. Americans have a 5th Amendment right and need to learn to use it more often.

Any lawyer worth his salt will tell the suspect (his client), in no uncertain terms, to make no statement to the police under any circumstances. – Justice Jackson

One of the main reasons to exercise your 5th Amendment right when dealing with government authorities is not always because of the situation at hand, but because of what some prosecutor may construe, that may trigger an investigation, based on your statements. In other words, there’s no way of knowing if what you said during an encounter with police can or will be held against you now, or in the future, under different circumstances. An example of where this can hurt is when looking at the 100’s of thousands federal and state laws. In some federal laws, lobster ownership is a federal crime.