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Using an Austin Jail Release Attorney to Free an Inmate

Understanding the Austin Jail Release Option

In Austin, TX, arrestees have an option to get out of jail by using a criminal defense lawyer as opposed to obtaining a bond from a bail bonds service. Bail bonding services are fine, but they are often expensive, and might even require the customer to put up assets like autos, homes, and property as collateral to ensure the defendant appears in court. The downside of the bail bonds industry is bond jumping and other instances where individuals out on bond fail to appear in court.

If you have a loved one in jail or if you have reason to believe that you are under investigation to the degree that you believe that you could be arrested in Travis County, smart money would wise to invest in an Austin jail release specialist.

The Process of Attorney-Assisted Jail Release

If your friend or relative is detained at the Travis County jail, you’ll need to act immediately to get them out of jail as soon as possible. Once you get a call from your loved and you hear that they’re using the Securus phone service, they’ve completed the jail booking process and can now be released from jail. Even if you have not heard from them by phone you can use the link above to search for them in the county jail system.

If they’re not listed in the Travis County inmate database, they probably have not completed the Travis County jail booking process or they may have been arrested in one of the surrounding counties. If they were arrested in Caldwell County, Bastrop County, Williamson County, Llano County, Hays County, or Burnet County, you may need to contact an attorney, the county sheriff, or search the internet to see if they have an online database of detained inmates.

The Constitution of the United States allows for an individual to remain free pending trial. Take full advantage of it.

Who Benefits from Jail Release Services?

People who wish to get their family member out of jail without the expense and embarrassment of hiring a bail bonds company will benefit in the form of expedience and financial savings. Inmates with families and jobs also stand to gain from getting out of jail quickly. If you’re not available to work because you’re in jail, your job and your household is threatened. Judges know this leads to broken families and more crime. So if you’ve not been proven guilty in a court of law, the Constitution allows for you to be free.