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How To Beat a Sex Crime Charge in Houston

In the state of Texas, and especially in Harris County, Texas, any criminal charge involving sex/sexual assault is serious. The seriousness of sex crime allegations becomes clear when the defendant realizes the potential for lengthy penitentiary sentencing, a criminal record as a felon, and a strong possibility of a lifelong sex offender registration requirement.

Accused of a Sex Crime in the Houston area? Fight It!

The top Houston criminal attorneys at Bennett & Bennett have multiple decades of experience fighting on behalf of defendants in the Houston/Harris County region of Southeast Texas.

Making the right choice when it comes to choosing a criminal defense lawyer to represent you is a decision of immense importance considering the lifelong ramifications that making the wrong choice can bring about.

Even if you haven’t been charged in connection with a sex crime and are simply being investigated, you’ll need to retain legal representation as soon as possible. The need for immediate legal representation is clear once you realize that your freedom, your future, your ability to spend time with your family, and your rights are jeopardized.

A Top Houston Criminal Attorney

Ready to Defend You From Sex Crime Allegations

Top Houston Criminal AttorneyBennett & Bennett is highly experienced and well groomed when it comes to serving as the attorneys of record in delicate cases of a fragile nature like sex crimes. They represent defendants facing prosecution for sex crimes of all type. The list below should serve as an overview of crimes defined as sexual in nature in which they have the most experience defending Houstonians from prosecution.

Felony Class Sex Crimes

  • Rape, also referred to as Sexual Assault
  • Internet, Computer, and Sex Crimes perpetrated with the use of technology. (eg. Sexting.)
  • Sexual Solicitation of a Minor
  • Statutory Rape (any circumstance)
  • Failure to adhere to sex offender registration requirements in Texas
  • Possession of Child Porn

Misdemeanor Class Sex Crimes

  • Indecent Exposure
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation of Prostitution
  • Public Lewdness
  • Public Sex Acts

Contact a Houston Defense Lawyer for Sex Crimes

Top Houston criminal attorney Mark W. Bennett is familiar with law enforcement practices in relation to their investigation of sex crimes. He has the stamina, technique, and proactive nature you’ll need in an attorney to stand a chance in the face of what will be ferocious conviction attempts by the state of Texas.

For additional information about how attorney Mark W. Bennett can serve you as your criminal defense lawyer, or to schedule a complimentary case review/free consultation, contact the Bennett & Bennett at 713-224-1747.

Being accused of a sex crime, whether falsely or otherwise, will have life lasting impacts the tune of which must not be ignored. If you even think that you’ll be accused of a criminal act deemed sexual in nature you’ll need to seek legal representation from a lawyer with experience defending persons accused of such crimes in a “serious criminal prosecutorial” state like Texas. Top Houston criminal lawyer Mark W. Bennett has this experience. If you need to consult with Mark W. Bennett, don’t hesitate to call their law firm at 713-224-1747.

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