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There are number times, in Galveston, when I’ve seen people arrested for drunk driving by law enforcement, not because they are habitual DWI offenders, but because they made a poor decision at the worst possible time, and the police got involved.

Why People Get DWI Offenses

Everyday people go out to bars, engage in gatherings with friends and family, or just do as any grown ass man or lesbian woman would do, have a beer after a long day’s work.

In most cases these are harmless episodes of hard-working men and women who are simply looking to relieve a days’ worth of stress. In other cases DWI offenses are nothing short of habitual malice on part of the offender and are always prosecuted as such in the court of law.

Understanding DWI Charges

Just because a person has been arrested and charged with DWI in Galveston does not necessarily mean that they are guilty. It only means that the law enforcement officer at the time saw the need to arrest a person, or felt the need to arrest the person based on evidence or observation that may have led the officer to believe that the person is operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Your attorney will more than likely attempt to prove that you were either not intoxicated as alleged by the officer, or that the test administered by law-enforcement at the scene, during the time of your arrest, lacked credibility.

Working With A Lawyer In Galveston


The Galveston Police Department and the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department are notorious for arresting people for DWI in DWI offenses all over Galveston County, Texas. If you’ve been charged with such a criminal offense then you will need legal representation from a Galveston DWI lawyer who experience defending people who have been accused of DWI offenses in the state of Texas.

There are number of Galveston lawyers who handle DWI offenses; some good, some not. If you need advice to help you find a suitable DWI lawyer for your case then we recommend Galveston attorney Tad Nelson for your DWI defense.

Attorney Tad Nelson is not only an experienced scientists, board-certified criminal law expert, and 25 year veteran criminal defense lawyer; he also has attorney Amber Spurlock by side. Amber Spurlock formally prosecuted federal cases as a Jag officer in the military, and currently works out of league city and Galveston to provide cutting-edge legal representation to people that need help.

If you’re looking for a DWI lawyer in Galveston, we strongly recommend contacting the Law Offices Of Tad Nelson & Associates immediately.