The Deadly D’s of Drunk Driving

Isn’t it strange that when most party-goers talk about not drinking and driving, appoint a designated driver, or spend the night at the party place, it’s all about not being caught driving while under the influence. How can that be everyone’s focus when the real issue at hand has to do not with fines and […]

We Don’t Talk To Police – Its Our Right

Never talk to any police officer under any circumstance. A former criminal defense attorney explains why you should always remain silent when being questioned by the government. Americans have a 5th Amendment right and need to learn to use it more often. Any lawyer worth his salt will tell the suspect (his client), in no […]

Knowing Legal Terms is Impressive and Useful

If you’re unfortunate enough to land yourself in legal trouble, you may find yourself confused by all the legal terminology related to your case.  Legal issues are difficult and stressful, and no one wants to be scrambling to understand court documents and law-related conversations. Although the internet can provide you with much of the information […]