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Lawyer Speaks on Drug Charges

Hire a drug crimes attorney if you are being charged with the possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of meth amphetamines, or any number of other illegal drugs.

Even dangerous illegal drugs like heroin are enough to get you a jail sentence for a very long time in the State of Texas which is why its always in the interest of the defendant to hire a top shelf lawyer to help with the defense of the individual against these form of allegation.

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The Top Galveston Attorney For Drug Cases

Attorney Tad Nelson of the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates has represented thousands of people charged with criminal offenses (felony allegations and misdemeanor accusations) in connection with drugs, the possession of controlled substances, the manufacturing of or delivering of meth amphetamines, possession of crack-cocaine, and more.The War Creates the Need for Houston Drug Crimes Attorney professionals

Not only has Tad Nelson represented professionals like doctors and aircraft pilots, he has also represented teenagers accused of the possession of marijuana as well.

Don’t Trust the Federal Government!

Let’s get one thing straight, neither the State, nor Federal government is ever likely to act in your best interest.

Don’t fool around with public defenders because they work for the State.

Where do you think they get their pay checks from?

Yea Yeah I know, some lawyers need to be public defenders so they can launch their career (gain experience), but don’t let them use your freedom for practice. Let them use some other poor dumb bastard’s freedom to the get their practice, NOT YOURS!

You have a right to criminal defense attorney, but not a right to a good one. – Gideon’s Promise

Hire A Prolific Attorney and Try to Beat The Charge

Galveston DWI Lawyer Tad Nelson is ready, and prepared to take your case to trial if need be, or help you to plead out if you don’t have the stomach for it.

You’ll need a criminal defense lawyer because the government may lie about the kind of drugs they claimed to have caught you in possession of, or may even be claiming a substance is illegal when it isn’t. Its important to have an attorney that’s experienced when it comes to fighting drug charges in your corner who has experience defending people from allegations of these kinds of cases, that can keep you out of prison, and help to secure your future.

Whether you’ve been caught with a couple of ounces of marijuana, or thousands of kilograms of cocaine, contact a top lawyer to help you fight the case. If any of your constitutional rights were violated then your case may be thrown out of court. However, it may be very difficult to get your case(s) thrown out of court with a Galveston drug crimes attorney with experience winning in the drug courts.