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Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston

Houston, TX is the fourth largest city in the United States of America and one thing that every Houstonian knows is the car is the king of transportation and auto accidents are common making the need for personal injury lawyers high. However, if you are ever injured at the workplace, as a result of an industrial accident, or as a result of an auto accident, you have a number of very important rights to be protect in which all parties involved will attempt to get you to surrender. This reason alone makes hiring a “good” personal injury lawyer more important than ever for the injured.car_accident_lawyer

In The Event of an Auto Accident

An automobile accident can be a seriously life changing event, if not life ending. In most cases, people suffer some injury after a auto accident and enjoy the luxury of escaping the ordeal with their lives. In other cases people die justifying the filing of a wrongful death suit. But, to move forward, the list below (from the professionals at State Farm) represents what you should do if you are ever in an auto accident.

Be Prepared

  • Carry a set of cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares in your trunk to help alert traffic. 
  • It also helps to have a pen and a card with any relevant medical information for you and your family.

Immediately After an Accident

  • Take a deep breath and stay calm.
  • Check for injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt. 
  • If accident is minor, move cars to a safe place, out of traffic. 
  • Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and use cones, warning triangles or flares for safety. 
  • Call the police, even if the accident is minor. 
  • Notify your insurance agent immediately.

Other Important Tips

  • Do not sign any document unless it’s for the police or your insurance agent.
  • Make immediate notes about the accident, including specific damages to all vehicles involved, witness information, etc. 
  • If the name on an auto registration is different than the driver, jot down the relationship. 
  • Be polite, but don’t tell anyone the accident was your fault, even if you think it was. 
  • State only the facts, and limit your discussion of the accident to the police and your insurance agent. 
  • If possible, don’t leave the accident scene before the police and other drivers do.

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As you can see, there are a number of valuable steps to take if you are ever involved in an auto accident, but keep in mind to contact your attorney as soon as possible, prior to talking with the insurance company at all costs.

Talk With Your Personal Injury Lawyer A.S.A.P.

A Houston attorney with experience dealing with interests of victims of auto accidents will know exactly what to do ensure the maximum return for your claim against the guilty party. Andrew P. Yokopovich will tell you, very few lawyers have enough experience negotiating with insurance claims departments to make any sizable difference, and some of the younger ones don’t even have enough experience to know the fastest way to get contact information for the insurance company’s lawyers which can cause a lot of time to be wasted waiting for their lawyers to reach out.tort_law

An experience claims litigation expert will be on the ball quickly working to analyze the details, demands, policies, and legal ramifications of all aspects involving the claim. Even when dealing with medical costs, it could take a number of months to fully realize the extent of the costs to even be able to make a sound claim of financial damages.

Even potential earnings loss, from not being able to work as a result of your injury can add to any amount you are looking to claim in a lawsuit. An experience Houston personal injury lawyer will be able to ensure the protection of your rights and little to no abuse from insurance company lawyers.

Legal and Claim Resources

In most cases, the insurance company, or whomever is at fault, will attempt to offer a settlement to avoid litigation. In this case, its best to converse with a litigation professional who will have the experience to know which route is best to take in order to get fully compensated for your personal injury claim.

However, not all cases require the assistance of a lawyer, but its always best to have matters with legal implications administered by a professional.