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Driving While Intoxicated in Galveston, Texas

In the City of Galveston, TX, you can be charged for a criminal offense if you drive while intoxicated. The charges apply if you are found to be intoxicated while driving a vehicle in public. Every year, numbers of lives are lost because of road accidents, which is why DWI in Galveston is harshly prosecuted. Because of actions of one person, many people can die or can be injured.

Galveston and DWI

There are some offenses that can result badly, but in most of the cases there is nothing much except a slap on the wrist and that person will not have to appear in court for criminal offense. But keep in mind that driving while intoxicated should be avoided at all cost.

In some cases, defendant isn’t guilty of more than falsely accused DWI by the law enforcement agencies, and later that person is tested using scientific standards. If the person is clear in test then he or she has authority to leave the law enforcement office.

When a person is arrested, there is a chance he or she may not be drunk or intoxicated in Galveston. There are number of such cases where people went through medical examination and nothing found out by the doctors, and still these people were accused of DWI. It is essential to note that driving while Intoxicated is illegal and it can result in serious offense, but it can also be an example of how people can be accused of drinking while driving. In this situation you need a lawyer who can handle your case and help you get rid of this problem as soon as possible. What will happen if things go out of hand?

Losing Driving License: 15 Day rule

If you are arrested because of DWI in Galveston, there is a possibility that you can lose your driving license before you get a chance to appear in court. It makes more important to find a lawyer who can assist you in this situation, your lawyer will take steps to prevent driving license suspension.

If there is an experienced lawyer working on your case, you will be allowed to have occupation license until there is a final decision whether you are guilty or not for the DWI. There is a high possibility that you will face minimum charges if someone knowledgeable is assisting you, who know local law very well.

There are only 15 days to save your Driving license. If you are arrested because of DWI, and 15 days haven’t passed yet, contact a Galveston DWI layer as soon as possible so that you can prevent suspension of your driving license. Keep in consideration that if you are caught driving without driving license, you may go to jail. Sometimes people waste so much time that they are strangle in a bigger mess than they were before.