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Cocaine’s Effect On Users, and Criminal Implications

Cocaine, a drug that goes by many names, packs a powerful high and carries stiff criminal penalties requiring a good criminal defense attorney if you are charged with possession of the drug. Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world with at least 37,000,000 American users. In some cities, it can sell for 100’s of thousands of dollars per kilo.

Although cocaine is a very popular drug, we don’t recommend its use. Cocaine can cause major damage to your nose including the opening of additional holes due damaged nasal tissue. A surgical procedure can be done to close extra holes in the nose related to persistent cocaine use.

Cocaine Documentary

Cocaine has grown into a 70 billion dollar per year industry with only 100 kilos being seized per year.

  • Cocaine causes a rush of dopamine in the brain, creates a sense of euphoria and self assurance, and captivates its user.
  • When a user is high on the stimulant, they feel they can do anything. Even fly. Rick James once said, “Its a hell of a drug”.
  • Police now scan for trace amounts of cocaine.
  • 9 out of every 10 dollars has trace amounts of cocaine present. That’s 90% of all U.S. Currency. Learn More
  • Most street level cocaine only contains between 1% and 20% of real cocaine, in the best cases up to 30%.
  • Using the drug on a regular basis will destroy the flesh in the nose over time. Some people don’t have two nostrils anymore. They have one big one.
  • The damage that cocaine can do to your face is often ignored by users.
  • The drug also has a dangerous effect on the human heart and has caused a number of heart attacks in crack-heads and cocaine sniffers.
  • There are now potential vaccines that can help people get off the drug. It blocks the drug from having an effect on the human brain.
  • Crack is more dangerous form of the drug, which brings with it violence, robbery, and serious crime.
  • Crack is cheaper to buy than cocaine, and offers a far more powerful high. Any drug that is smoked is more powerful due to its transmission through the lungs directly to the brain.
  • A man participating a Houston, Texas cocaine research program is also featured in the video. He lost his house, wife, and sold all his belongings to keep feed his crack-cocaine habit.